Scanography or Scan-art. It is photography without the lens.


Well, please meet my old/new friend – hp scanner. I have owned this stuff for more then 10 years and have reacently discovered the loving side of it. This cool thing is a new toy to me since i’ve found out I can scan almost everything that suits and fits on the scanners flatbed.
Honestly, there was a time I hated this stuff a lot. What a waste of time using it!
Scanner is indeed very helpful when it comes to scanning documents, but it was such a boring procedure until I tried a three-dimentional stuff. Wow, it appears such a clever machine. The depth of field is marvelous. The athmoshere of the image is deep enough to feel the fullisment. Ahhh, I am sure how deeply i’ll be thrown into the experments of the scans they can produce. There is no doubt – new stuff is on my way to try, an exitement is already here to complete my satisfaction… new experiences waiting here and there…

Conclusion.I love three dimentional scans for a dreamlike quality you can achieve. They always intend to be with the shallow depth of field. Unusualy you have nothing to expect but a dramatic feeling. Every scan is like a mystery you’ve never known before. So, come and enjoy my scannography world…