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The aim of present work was to create an interior for advertising and a graphic (computer –aided) design bureau. The reason for the choice of an interior design was the growing popularity in Lithuanian as well as abroad of more expressive design of agencies and bureaus, a design making no further attempt to intervene in the usual, peculiar to a bureau, interior pattern. An attempt was made to design an area in which both employees and visitors could feel really exceptional. The image of the design chosen was the depths of the ocean, and the style futuristic. Therefore the aim of the project was to produce an interior that would have futuristic features revealing the fragments of the illuminated ocean depths in a stylized manner to match the style of the interior. The purpose in designing the work was the desire to create an original visual interior with design elements as well as to carry out a free, dynamic planning of the inner areas, which is characteristic of loft interiors. The architectonic of the interior was influenced by soft coral reefs: the variety of their colours, the forms of the living organisms, and their texture. The futuristic vision (this is how the depths were intended to look) resulted in the appearance of a decorative wall, which was created after the analysis of the structure of Hydradiction (a type of seaweed), and soft furniture which echoes the azure forms of the wall. The reception wall is decorated with macro wall-paper printing the coral reef fungi Ricordea. The reception and the main area show off the lighting appliances Noaxis which remind us of Discosoma algae forms. They look especially futuristic in their sculpture. The contrasts of the materials are even and smooth, the glittering cool surfaces are often matched up with cozy, soft materials. At the bottom of the ocean there exist a great variety of living organisms whose surfaces glitter like velvet. And it is velvet that covers the bureau furniture. All this gives an impression of the ocean organisms transformed in to the furniture. 11b DIPLOMA




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