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I am a freelance interior designer, an artist and a photographer based in Vilnius, Lithuania.

I discovered computer graphics a few years ago, having made some experiments with 3D modeling for my Diploma in Interior Design. Since then creating fractal art has become a passion of mine .

I’m a self-taught 3d artist – every skill that I have has been developed all by myself .

I started my work in visual arts through photography which is my great passion.

Don’t hesistate to contact me if you want me to assist you in making your home, office, hospitals, hotels , modern buildings or any other kind of business more beautiful.

Thank you so much for your time reading about me and viewing my portfolio.


So why is my site called ILKA ?

This is how I used to be called since my early teen years. These four letters are nothing more than an abbreviation of my original name. Friends of mine thought that it was cute, simple and sounds way to easy to use. There was no doubt, it suited well to me. Since then i haven’t given up this name.It has always been in my mind.

This is how and why my website got the name.It was simple enough to pick up and easy to decide.


What to look for and expect to find in my site ?

A personal point of view to every tiny thing surrounding me. Feelings through visual art.

Constant enjoyment in frequent repetition of lines, symmetry.


Inspiration. Where do i find it?

The majority of my works are inspired by Byzantine art.Flipping through my website pages you will see that detail is a very important aspect to me.Pieces of artwork I create are highly ornate and intricate.Creating such fractal constructions I experience great satisfaction. The more sophistication i give to my creation, the more joy i can experience.